Language courses for companies

An investment in the future of your company

We are they place to go for tailored language courses for your employees in the Winterthur, Zurich, Schaffhausen and Frauenfeld regions.

Invest in the future by training your employees. Not only will this investment benefit your company and your employees and but your clients too.

You decide, where and when classes take place and what the aims of the course are. Class is given by request at your company or at our centrally-located school in Winterthur.

Individual and tailored to your needs

You already have an idea which aspects of your employees’ work day a language courses should focus on and help develop. Therefore you decide, what the emphasis and focus of the course should be.

Be it a business language course, a level course or an exam preparation course: we have a course to match your needs.

Needs Assessment

Before courses begin, we will gladly carry out a needs assessment for you. Let us know what the course objectives are, what the timeframe is and where the emphasis of the course content should be placed. We will gladly write up a tailor-made course programm for your company. The focus of the course content can e.g. be business correspondence, phone calls, front office work or the technical vocabulary of a given field.

Bearing the course objectives in mind, we will then conduct evaluation exams with your employees. We then proceed to flesh out a personalised, effective course design based on your requirements and objectives while taking any time and cost restraints into consideration. Students are allocated to the course groups according to the total number of participants and their level. Based thereon, we proceed to work out a tailored course program.

Added value

No two clients are the same, yet all of our business customers can count on our first-class service. Benefit from:

  • personalised support
  • competent and honest customer service
  • course designs tailored to your requirements
  • tangible learning success
  • overview of your employees’ progress and course participation throughout the duration of the course
  • committed, experienced and motivated teachers
  • evaluation tests with the purpose of optimal groupings
  • first-rate tuition at an affordable price

Course Assessment

Transparency is of utmost concern to us. Therefore, we will keep you informed of your employees’ progress and their course attendance for the entire duration of the course. Learning progress is recorded by means of written reports, which you have access to.

In order to assess the success of the courses, we report to you continuously (usually bi-weekly or monthly) on the progress of your employees.

If need be, students are invited to attend additional assistive lessons with the aim of preventing them from missing the aims of the course and avoiding the gap between them and the rest of the group becoming too large. Furthermore, we maintain attendance lists and forward these to you so that you are always up to date with respect to your employees’ course participation.

Business Language Courses

We offer business language courses on all levels in English, German, French and Spanish.

In our business courses, students acquire the language skills needed for work, learn the vocabulary for their line of work as well as apt phrases for business correspondence and front office work. Further, they get sensitised to cultural peculiarities in a business environment in the foreign language of choice.

Basic grammar knowledge and appropriate etiquette can contribute in no small degree to the success of your international projects. Avoid misunderstandings and save time in the execution of your projects by empowering the relevant employees.

Level Courses

Our Business-English courses are geared towards English in the workplace. As such the topics in the reading texts, writing and listening exercises cover a range of different professional topics.

In our level courses the four language skills auditory comprehension, speaking, reading comprehension and writing are covered and the relevant grammar for reaching the respective CEFR level is taught.

The courses comply to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages. Depending on the level and language, level courses last 100 or 150 lessons and are divided into two or three 50-lesson-modules.

In one-to-one lessons or semi-private courses, the length of the course depends on how much time students can muster for revision and homework. Generally speaking, between 20% to 50% fewer lessons are required to clear a level with one-to-one lessons or in a semi-private course of the same level.

Conversational, Writing and Grammar Courses

Improve the rhetorical skills of your employees with our general conversation courses. The focus can be e.g. phone calls and presentations in the areas of sales, support and offers. Let us know what you need.

Enhance your writing skills in the language of your choice. In our writing courses, you can focus on improving your technical writing, academic writing or business correspondence. Let us know what your aims are and we will help you reach these time and cost-efficiently.

Do you want to systematically learn the rules of the game of the language of choice from scratch? Or do you wish to brush up your existing grammar knowledge? Let us know what your grammar needs are, we can help!

Exam Preparation

Are you aiming to obtain an internationally recognised language certificate? We can prepare you for the exam!

We have over 12 years of experience in preparing students for the most common Cambridge, Goethe-Institut and DELF exams so we know what counts and how to go about studying for these exams. No matter which certificate your are pursuing – we will help you obtain it.

The teacher and students go through model exams together to familiarise the students with the exam format and to better understand what is required to pass the exam. Students experience completing each part of the exam within the allowed time frame.


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